Workshops on Tax Savings

Three workshops and a kids program provided by TCLI Foundation

TCLI Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada geared towards effecting societal changes through literature, arts and culture. Building a strong community and reinforcing shared spaces to aid one another, towards strength, freedom, independence and satisfaction.

TCLI Foundation presents a workshop on tax savings! Come and join the conversation around tax details, achievable benefits and how to save money.

January 9th 2021: Make Tax Your Hero, 9am-10am

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January 9th 2021: Effective Tax Strategies, 10am-11am

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January 16th 2021: What You Need to Know about Taxes, 10am-11am

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Come and join! All are welcome!

You may also want to check the Foundation Kids Program:

Creative kids’ program to engage them during this lockdown with engaging and creative activities.

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