Sisterhood Conversation Café

The TCLI Foundation is excited to host our second Sisterhood Conversation Cafe series weekly Saturdays starting from October 23rd to December 11th 2021.

TCLI Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada geared towards effecting societal changes through literature, arts and culture. Building a strong community and reinforcing shared spaces to aid one another, towards strength, freedom, independence and satisfaction.

Our goal is to support African women by having discussions that will empower and inspire us.

Some of the conversations we will be having during this Sisterhood Bootcamp series will cover topics like:

-Self Care for busy women

-Building your economic profile (financial literacy and empowerment, RRSP, TFSA and more)

-Goal setting & productivity

-Mental health for the professional woman

-Employability; staying employable

-Defining Purpose and Gaining Clarity

-Entrepreneurship and niche creation

-And many more conversations.

-Movie nights

We are happy to provide a space for women to dialogue on topics that matter to us.

Come meet new people, learn, network and have fun as we sail together on this journey of good health, quality education and financial stability.

With the winter months approaching, it is beneficial we learn, engage, integrate, and be a community of support to each other.

All Participants get a certificate of participation

Please register via this link to participate: