Last December 2016 we had the pleasure to welcome a communication expert and friend of ERIEC: Diana Ionescu, P.Eng. as a guest speaker at one of the Career Mentorship Program sessions.

Diana is a business optimization consultant, following a career in Engineering and Project Management that spanned over two decades and two continents. Her passion for engineering, systems optimization and quality ss perfectly interlaced with today’s communication needs and challenges. Trained as a formal NLP Communication Specialist in 2004, Diana helped ERIEC mentees embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The audience gained insight into communication intricacies in North America through the lens of a professional engineer who immigrated to Canada over two decades ago.

In her presentation Communication Do’s and Don’ts, Diana provided interesting tips about job interview do’s and don’ts, tips on words to avoid; the importance of the body language, tone and voice, eye contact; e-mail writing etiquette and more.

Diana graciously shared her presentation with us and if interested, feel free to download it here:

Thank you, Diana!