Who is a mentee?

Career mentorship may help you if you are new or recent immigrants who has the language, knowledge, and business experience to succeed in the workplace, but need the opportunity to get their foot in the door. Our mentees are interested in receiving guidance about their career or job search from an experienced indivual. They are seeking information, knowledge, advice and support required to achieve certain career goals. 

Who can apply to become a mentee?

You are eligible to apply to become a mentee in our Career Mentorship Program, if you are a landed immigrant or permanent resident and are actively seeking employment. ERIEC's focus is on skilled immigrants who have experience or education in their fields but lack Canadian work experience. Learn more 

Why do I need a mentor?

Your mentor can be the first link your Canadian professional network and help you understand the Canadian workplace culture. They can open doors to employment opportunities in the Edmonton region.

What is the time commitment?

You and your mentor will meet for about 4-6 hours/month for 4 months (about 1-1.5 hrs/week). Usually this time commitment is higher during the beginning of your mentorship relationship and less frequent as your needs change.

Where do I meet my mentor?

Face-to-face meetings at a public facility or place of business are recommended, but sometimes online or phone meetings may be convenient as your needs change.

What is occupation-specific mentoring?

Occupation specific mentoring involves connecting professional newcomers (mentees) with established Canadian professionals (mentors) who share the same occupation.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

ERIEC will review potential matches once your personal profile has been received. Mentors and mentees are matched based on shared educational background, similar work experience, and common career goals.

Will my mentor find me a job?

No. Your mentor will help you prepare for the Canadian workplace by introducing you to professional networks and offering advice. You are responsible for your own job search.

What if I find a job during the program?

Finding a job in your field is cause for congratulations! You and your mentor would then discuss if and how you would both like to continue the program. A mentor could be a great asset as you explore your new job, but the method, duration, and number of meetings may vary.

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