Immigrants are welcomed and participate in the economy at the level of their full potential.


The Edmonton Regional Employment Council's mission is dedicated to “ensure immigrants become more fully integrated into the Edmonton regional labour market by focusing on knowledge transfer, information coordination and dissemination, and capacity building to employers, service providers and underutilized skilled immigrants”.


Goal 1: Implement and achieve scale for the Career Mentorship and Networking programs and assist more internationally trained professionals find suitable employment.

Goals 2: Develop tools and capacities to support employers to significantly increase the level of immigrant inclusion amongst employees and organizations in the Edmonton region.

Goal 2a: Pursue other funding options for employer engagement and learning, including governments and foundations.

Goal 3: Identify and plan for the increased role of our groups of partners and champions to achieve our intended impact and mission

Guiding Principles

Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC) is committed to and operates by the following guiding principles:

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Build the careers of skilled immigrants and promote a global perspective in Edmonton's business community.